Social Marketing

PLP International AIDS Prevention Through Social Marketing Programme

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Bank have identified AIDS prevention through social marketing as the most cost-efficient measure by which condom use has increased.

The major goal of PLP's AIDS Prevention Through Social Marketing Programme is to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and other STDs and is targeted largely to the lower-income group.

Price is KEY! A critical objective of any social marketing programme is to make the products available to even the lowest income group. The key difference between commercial and social marketing is therefore PRICE.

The approach of social marketers in this system is to lower prices so more sales are generated. This marketing action has distinct advantages namely...

These same benefits ultimately contribute substantially to the overall policy of PLP social marketing.

Committed to providing quality services and products, PLP's chief aim is to provide condoms at a price that is affordable to the sexually active population.

To ensure quality of service, delivery and prices, PLP operates consistent monitoring and evaluation programmes. These activities continue to reveal the outstanding success PLP has achieved thus far...

PLP will continue to support the International AIDS Prevention Through Social Marketing Programme as it is our goal to maximise resources and strengthen AIDS prevention activities throughout the world.